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Wishbone Chairs

In 1944, inspired by Chinese chairs from the Ming Dynasty, Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner designed the Wishbone Chair, his most successful design of all time. To this day, the Carl Hansen & Son factory continues to produce the chair with it’s iconic Y shaped wooden back and frame and hand woven paper cord seating. Did you know it takes 400 feet of paper cord to construct the seat, which is meant to last at least 50 years of wear? I’m crushing hard on these timeless chairs – especially the ones with the natural wood frames.

(images via Coco Lapine Design, Cheetah Is The New Black, In/Out, Hannah Blackmore, Architectural Digest, The Glitter Guide, Another Ballroom, Home Life, Planete Deco, The Grace Tales, Lonny Magazine, Nina Holst, Adore Magazine, Design Sponge)   by Erica in Home

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